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The Azure Training Course (from is a rigorous 8 weeks program. It will enable you to understand, deploy and develop solutions on Microsoft Azure platform. The curriculum is designed such that it also works as a preparatory course for Industry certification. Also handy for Project managers working with teams deploying Azure solutions
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Cloud Computing Introduction

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Characteristics
  • Cloud Computing Service Models
  • Deployment Models in Cloud Computing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Getting Starting with Azure

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Azure Hosting Models
  • Azure Services
  • Subscribing to Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Portals
  • Azure Resource Group
  • Installing Microsoft Azure SDK

Azure App Services-Web Apps

  • Introduction
  • App Types
  • Deploying Web App directly from Visual Studio
  • Automate deployment from Dropbox
  • Continuous Delivery using Visual Studio Team Service
  • Scaling a Web Apps
  • Traffic Manager
  • Application Settings Configuration
  • Understanding Deployment Slots
  • Configure a custom domain name
  • Enable SSL for your custom domain
  • Monitoring, Debugging and Diagnosis

Windows Azure SQL Database

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Comparing SQL Azure Database to Azure / OnPremise SQL Server
  • Creating and Using SQL Server and SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Database Tools
  • Using Azure SQL Database with EF Code First
  • Migrating on premise database to SQL Azure
  • Planning the Deployment
  • Elastic Storage.
  • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  • Configure SQL Database Auditing
  • Manage Business Continuity
  • Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server in IaaA VM

DocumentDB Service

  • Understanding DocumentDB database Schema
  • Creating and Saving Documents
  • Reading Documents

Azure Storage

  • About Azure Storage
  • C# / MS.NET Azure Storage SDK
    • Working with Blob Storage
    • Working with Tables Storage
    • Working with Queues Storage
    • Working with Files Storage
    • Working with Storage Tables
    • Working with Azure Queues

Azure Web Jobs

  • Introduction
  • Developing and Hosting Web Jobs Application
  • Azure WebJobs SDK
  • Sample Application including WebApps and WebJobs.

App Service –Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Apps Introduction
  • Creating Server and Client Projects
  • Working with Easy tables using Azure Portal
  • Developing Windows 8 Client Application
  • Mobile App Authentication
    • Facebook Authentication
    • Azure Active Directory Authentication
  • Enabling Offline Sync
  • Implementating Push Notification

App Service -API Apps

  • Introduction
  • Creating an API App
  • Deploying an API App
  • Consuming an API App
  • Using API App in Logic App

Azure App Service –Logic Apps

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Simple Logic App
  • Handling array of Items using for-each and condition
  • Understanding Triggers and Actions
  • Using Custom API App in Logic App

Azure Cloud Service

  • What is Cloud Service
  • Cloud Service vs App Service
  • Understand Cloud Service Roles
  • Developing Cloud Service Application with Web Role
  • Deploying Cloud Service Application
  • Production and Staging Slots
  • Using Azure Database in Cloud Service
  • Adding Worker Role to the Solution.
  • Delete deployments and a cloud service
  • Configure application for SSL
  • Configure Roles for Remote Desktop Login
  • Running Multiple Websites
  • Scaling a Cloud Service
  • Debugging an Azure Cloud Service
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • To Configure and Run Startup Tasks for a Cloud Service
  • Enable Communication for Role Instances in Azure
  • Using the .NET SDK to access an endpoint.
  • Network traffic rules to control role communication

Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

  • Installing the required modules
  • Login to Azure Portal
  • Creating Resource Group
  • Managing Storage Accounts using PowerShell

Azure Service Bus

  • Service Bus Basics
  • Hosting WCF Service in Azure
  • Relayed Messaging
  • Service Bus Queues
  • Topics and Subscriptions
  • Handling Sessions
  • Handling Transactions

Azure Media Service

  • What is Media Services
  • Media Service in Azure Portal
    • Create an Azure Media Service Account
    • Upload and Encode Video/Audio
    • Publish and Play Content
  • Media Services Development with .NET
    • Uploading Media File Programmatically
    • Uploading .WMV Encoding to MP4 Format

Azure Virtual Networks

  • Overview of Azure Networking
  • Virtual Network Benefits
  • Understanding Network Resources
  • Create a VNet using Azure Portal
  • Create a Network Security Group
  • Create NIC and PublicIP
  • Understanding and Using Azure DNS
  • Using PowerShell Commands

Azure IAAS Virtual Machine

  • Introduction
  • Comparing VM with Web Apps and Cloud Services
  • Create a Windows Virtual Machine using Portal / PowerShel
  • Understanding and Capture VM Images
  • Deploy a New VM Instance from the captured Image
  • Deploy popular application frameworks by using Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Understanding and Creating Availability Sets.
  • Load Balancing between multiple Virtual machines

Redis Caching

  • Caching Overview
  • What is Redis Cache
  • Creating a Redis Cache
  • Developing Redis Cache Client
  • Controlling Expiration

Azure Active Directory

  • Azure AD Introduction
  • Relationship between AD DS and Azure AD
  • Managing Active Directories
  • Adding a custom domain name to Azure AD
  • Managing Users, Groups and Devices
  • Adding Co-Administrators for a Subscription
  • Configuring Role Based Access Control
  • Integrating On-Premise AD Identities with Azure AD
  • Integrating Gallery Applications with Azure AD
  • Integrating On-Premise Applications with Azure AD
  • Implementing Azure AD B2B Collaboration
  • Implementing Azure AD B2C Collaboration