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Bestdotnettraining is an internationally recognized training organization offered by Deccansoft software services,specializing in Azure online training.

Level up your cloud career with our all role-based Azure certification training (AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-305, AZ-400, and AZ-500) in one place.

Our training methodology includes theoretical explanation, followed by a hands-on demonstration with a step-by-step guide and documentation for your personal practice.

Start Free; Learn and get certified in AZ-900: Azure fundamentals

AzureA2Z - Your complete Azure guide

Get 360 degree Azure knowledge with our specific Azure portal,AzureA2Z

Here you find everything related to Microsoft Azure - Azure interview questions, Azure Certification exams for practice, Azure events and free webinars, Azure online training & certification, quizzes, Azure learning video, discussion form and more.

Improve your Azure skills with our learning paths designed by Azure and industrial experts.


Why Learn Azure With Us?

Azure technologies are trained by Sandeep Soni, the CEO of Deccansoft, a software & corporate trainer with 27+ years of experience, and an Azure Solution Architect and DevOps expert.

Learn Azure with a 360-degree view (from Administrator, Developer, Architect, and Security viewpoints) and gain knowledge in all aspects of Azure.


Money Saver Packages

Looking to advance your skills with a bundle of courses?

We have you covered with money saver course packages to enhance your workflow.

Azure Packages

If obtaining multiple Azure certifications is your goal, we have designed below Azure packages according to Microsoft’s different role-based certifications exams. These packages will gear you to fast-track your Azure learning affordably.

$400 / ₹28000
One Time Total Fee* :$300 / ₹21000
6 months Low cost EMI* :

Special Benefits:

$500 / ₹35000
One Time Total Fee* :  $400 / ₹30000
6 months Low cost EMI* :

Special Benefits:

$350 / ₹26250
One Time Total Fee* : $260 / ₹21000
6 months Low cost EMI* :
₹3,708*6 (22,248)

Special Benefits:

$360/ ₹27000
One Time Total Fee* : $340 / ₹25000
6 months Low cost EMI* :

Special Benefits:

*All prices mentioned above includes all taxes and fees. EMI options available.

Other Software Packages

Improve your tech qualities and job prospects with our different software training course packages. Get the complete picture of your required course from fundamentals to advanced which helps you to set a successful career in software.

Learn All Latest Technologies by Watching Our Free Videos

If you want to grow your tech knowledge consistently, you might want to go through our top technology video tutorials. These videos keep you updated even in your busy schedule

Watch technical videos: Before you enroll in any course, you can understand our training methodology by watching the first few modules that require nothing more than sign-up.

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