C# Training Overview

Today C# is considered to be the most popular and modern Programming language. It belongs to "C" family and inherently has lots of things carried from C programming language. It is the ideal choice of all .net developers for the reason that Microsoft has developed C# with features of popular languages to develop different types of .net applications. It has SIMPLICITY of Java, POWER of C++ and PRODUCTIVITY of VB.

Our Online C# Training videos enriches the participants with sound programming knowledge required for developing applications using .NET Technology. Mr. Sandeep Soni, Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCPD has compiled these sessions such that the subject is presented in the simplest possible language covering all latest and advanced features also. Every concept is explained not just in theory but also explained using different walkthroughs and a very practical approach has been taken to ensure that the participants get a feel of real time application development. Using these C# Online training course videos we assure that the participants will learn all the basic and advanced topics and also will help the beginners to gain in­depth knowledge of concepts like OOPS which is the base for programming.

It's the best C# Training Institute which also includes Interview Questions and assignments which will help the participants to face the interview confidently. To ensure that the participant is confident of the subject, in this online C# training, we have provided lots of assignments (along with solutions) in each and every module.

To fill the gap between the regular classroom based on training and this self­paced online training, we provide need based technical support by Subject matter experts to all those who would have any kind of questions while watching the videos of the subject.

Subscribing to our C# Training will for sure help you to emerge as a good developer in MS.Net technologies and you will achieve excellence and command in developing modern applications including web and windows.

Microsoft Certification
Mr. Sandeep Soni himself being Microsoft certified can provide you all the required guidance for becoming a certified C# developer and once you qualify in this certification exam, you will not only have lots of confidence but also get good recognition in the industry while applying for job.

C# Training Modules: 26
Total Video Duration: 84 Hours 42 Minutes
Mr. Sandeep Soni
Founder, Trainer & CEO, Deccansoft Software Services.
He belives in learning followed by practicing then making it easier for others to learn Technology subjects.
He has been training for last 17 years.
He is Microsoft's MCTS, MCPD, MCSD certified and is Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

Online C# Training Course Objectives

The course will allow learners to

  • Get complete knowledge of MS.NET Framework and its internals.
  • Use VS.NET - Integrated Development Environment.
  • Develop deep understanding of C# language features.
  • Build strong concepts of OOP's and implement the same in C#.
  • Create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using .NET framework library.
  • Perform file input and output operations - read and write data streams, serialize and de-serialize an object graph.
  • Build on applications using N-Tier architecture having Data, DAO and Business classes.
  • Develop database centric applications using ADO.NET.
  • Build GUI applications using .NET Framework and WinForms API.
  • How XML can be utilized in operating data between discrete technologies.
  • Build and use the reusable components and controls.
  • Develop Multithreading and Asynchronous Programming.
  • Package and Setup .net applications.

C# Training Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of programming language like "C" or C++ or JAVA or PHP or VB.
  • The seeker need not know object orientation concepts as these will be covered as part of curriculum.
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C# Table Of Content

MS.NET Framework Introduction

Login Required 154 mins

VS.NET and Entry Point Method - Main

Login Required 104 mins

C# Language Syntax

Login Required 380 mins

OOPs - Concepts

Login Required 71 mins

OOPs - Programming Encapsulation

Login Required 230 mins

OOPs - Inheritance

Login Required 150 mins

OOPs - Interface & Polymorphism

Login Required 65 mins

Collections and Generics

Login Required 157 mins

Assemblies and GAC

Login Required 100 mins

Exception Handling

Login Required 95 mins

IO Streams

Login Required 185 mins

Unsafe Code

Login Required 35 mins

Reflection And Attributes

Login Required 110 mins

More On Classes

Login Required 110 mins

Developing GUI Application Using WinForms

Login Required 528 mins

Database Programming Using ADO.NET

Login Required 386 mins

Managing Data Using DataSet

Login Required 271 mins

N-Tier Layered Architecture Applications

Login Required 196 mins


Login Required 205 mins

Windows Services

Login Required 92 mins

Delegates & Events

Login Required 125 mins

User Control and Custom Control

Login Required 124 mins


Login Required 324 mins

Debugging and Diagnostics

Login Required 106 mins

Packaging and Deployment

Login Required 109 mins

Sample Project with Complete Source Code

Login Required ---

Select Modules


1)    What is MSIL?
  1. It is a intermediate instruction set which is OS and hardware independent
  2. It is machine code instruction set which is OS and hardware dependent
  3. It is an instruction set which is OS independent and a hardware dependent.
  4. It is a Intermediate Instruction set which is OS dependent and hardware independent.



An intermediate language code generated by language compiler is called MSIL.

The source code when compiled gives the MSIL as output and this serves as input to the CLR. CLR has a JIT compiler which converts the MSIL code to native code and native code is OS and hardware dependent.

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2)    What all is MS.Net Framework made up of?
  1. Operationg System
  2. Base Class Libraries
  3. Common Language Runtime
  4. Visual Studio.NET



Base Class Libraries includes API's like ADO.NET and XML, IO, Threading, ASP.NET, Networking etc...

The other CLR and it provides services CTS, Security, Memory Management, JIT Compiler, Exception Handling etc...

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3)    What is the advantage of using DotNetfuscator tool in .Net?
  1. It converts the source code to MSIL code
  2. It prevents the application to be reverse engineered
  3. It is used for the reverse engineering of the application
  4. Its used to compile MSIL into PE.



Using some tools available on internet one can extract the source code from PE. This is called as reverse engineering.
To prevent reverse engineering of PE into source code DotNetFuscator is the tool used.

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4)    What is the difference between un-safe code & un-managed code.
  1. Un-managed code runs inside the CLR and Un-safecode runs outside the CLR control
  2. Un-managed code runs outside the CLR control while the Un-safe code runs inside the CLR control
  3. Un-managed code runs outside the CLR and Un-safecode runs outside the CLR control
  4. Un-managed code runs inside the CLR and Un-safecode runs inside the CLR control



Un-managed code runs outside the CLR control while the Un-safe code runs inside the CLR control. Both of these may use pointers & direct memory access.
Unsafe code means managed program can access the memory address using pointers. Unsafe is managed by the CLR.

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5)    What is CLR?
  1. It manages the code at execution time.
  2. It does memory management, thread management.
  3. It enforces strict variable type definitions, security and robustness
  4. All the above



It is a component of .Net framework stack. CLR is the combination of JIT compiler+ Garbage Collector + Class loader + Security Manager + Common type system. The code written in different languages is compiled with their respective language compilers to give a Common MSIL.

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6)    Different BCL'S are categorized under _________
  1. Class library
  2. FCL
  3. namespace
  4. Root class



A namespace is a logical collection of classes and other types with unique name. The structure of namespace is like a tree where all the related classes are like leaves.

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7)    The root namespace for base class is ____________
  1. System
  2. BCL
  3. Base
  4. None



.Net Base class library is the collection of the object oriented types and interfaces that provide object models and services. All the base class libraries are grouped under the root namespace System. System contains all the base and fundamental classes.

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8)    The output of any .NET program is a ___________
  1. PE file
  2. DLL File
  3. EXE File
  4. None of the above



Sorry, there is no explanation for this question

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9)    The return value of an application is called as __________
  1. Solution
  2. Exit code
  3. Return code
  4. None



The exit code is always an integer.

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10)    All dynamic memory requirements of an application are fulfilled from the _______ memory
  1. Global
  2. Stack
  3. Heap
  4. None



The allocation of memory is categorized into static allocation, stack-allocation and heap allocation. Heap allocation is used for all the dynamic memory requirements like pointers for which we don’t know the amount of memory required and it would be allocated memory on heap.

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