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C# & ASP.NET 4.5

C# & ASP.NET Course Details

c# and

The C# and ASP.Net online training course is basically designed for developers, learners to familiarize with Microsoft.Net using C#,VB.NET and ASP.NET. This online training period allows the developer to understand different features of .NET used for coding, debugging, tuning and deploying applications of Windows and Web. This online ASP.Net and online C# course will provide the videos for learning all the basic and advanced topics in C# and Asp.Net.

Sample/Demo Videos

Sample Course Material

Course Objectives

The Course will allow learners

  • To gain deep understanding of C# and VB.NET language features.
  • To understand features of VS.NET Integrated Development Environment.
  • To develop database intensive applications using ADO.NET
  • To create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using .NET framework library.
  • To develop an ability to read and write date streams and files, serialize and deserialize an object graph.
  • To use cookies and sessions which are state management techniques and to understand them.
  • To develop Web based applications using ASP.NET
  • To use AJAX for implementing web 2.0 features
  • To build on applications using N Tier architecture
  • To use Web Servies, Remoting and WCF for creating distributed Applications.
  • To learn major features of .NET Framework and their involvement in .NET platform.
  • To create simple to complex application using .NET Framework
  • To learn major concepts behind CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  • To make Event – Sender object signal the occurrence of action to a Event – Receiver Object using delegates and events
  • To carry out and learn the concept of Object Orientation.
  • To create classes and interfaces which are efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios


Before joining the course students have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like “C” or any other programming language basics.It will help them in understanding the subject in better way. The seeker need not know object orientation as this will be thought from ground up.

Syllabus Summary


  • MS.NET Framework Introduction
  • VS.NET and Entry Point Method-Main
  • C# Language Syntax
  • OOPs-Concept
  • Programming Object Oriented – Encapsulation
  • OOPs-Programming Encapsulation
  • OOPs-Inheritance
  • OOPs-Interface & Polymorphism
  • Collections and Generics
  • Assemblies and GAC
  • Exception Handling
  • IO Streams
  • Unsafe Code
  • Reflection and Attributes
  • More on Classes
  • Developing GUI Application Using WINFORMS
  • Database Programming Using ADO.NET
  • Managing Data Using DataSet
  • N-Tier Layered Architecture Applications
  • XML
  • Windows Services
  • Delegates and Events
  • Multithreading
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Debugging and Tracing


  • Web Programming Inroduction
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • Introduction to ASP
  • ASP.NET Introduction and Sample Programs
  • Validation Controls
  • Applying Themes and Styles to Controls
  • ASP.NET Architecture
  • Page Navigation Options
  • Creating a Layout Using Master Pages
  • User Controls
  • ASP.NET State Management
  • Databound Controls
  • Creating Virtual Directory and Web Application
  • Globa.asax and HttpApplication
  • Understanding Configuration File - Web.Config
  • Web Caching
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Globalization and Localization

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    FREE!!! Bestdotnettraining is very excited to make HTML and CSS course's absolutely free for all.

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