Database Programming Using ADO.NET
In this ADO.NET tutorial video we will learn on how to work with database.

ADO (Active data objects) is the Common Object Model for all databases.

In .Net ADO.NET i can be used for all types of backends including databases, excel files, csv files, emails etc.

Firstly the architecture is explained in this tutorial and then how to access the data using will be taught.

In this tutorial we will also learn how to use Managed Provider for SQL Server and will also discuss all the important objects like SqlConnection, SqlCommand and SqlDataReader.

1.Prerequisite - Knowledge of SQL Queries
2.Introduction and Evolution of ADO.NET
3.Understanding the Role of Managed Provider and ADO.NET Objects
4.Installing Required Software - Sql Server and Management studio
5.Connecting to Database and Connection Pooling
6.Performing Insert, Update and Delete Operations
7.Fetching Data from database - Executing Select Statements
8.How to implement Login facility with database
9.Use of Multiple Active Result Sets
10.Parameterized Prepared Statements
11.Inserting Image into Database table
12.Executing Stored Procedure
13.Using Transaction
14.Asynchronous Execution of Queries
15.Writing Provider Independent Code
16.Writing Common Code for Execution of Stored Procedures
17.Quick Overview of all ADO.NET objects
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