MS.NET Framework Introduction
This module is common for everyone who wants to start their journey of MS.NET and covers overview of MS.NET Framework and all the related terminology.

Here we start with history and evolution of MS.NET followed by types of possible application we can develop using MS.NET framework and then about CLR.

After completion of this module one will have a broad coverage of what one should know about .NET framework before they start programming.

Also, included below is the reading course material which every participant must read to understand the topics clearly.

1. The .NET Framework - an Overview
2. Framework Components
3. Framework Versions
4. Types of Applications which can be developed using MS.NET
5. MS.NET Base Class Library
6. MS.NET Namespaces
7. MSIL / Metadata and PE files.
8. The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
9. Managed Code
10. MS.NET Memory Management / Garbage Collection       
11. Common Type System (CTS)
12. Common Language Specification (CLS)
13. Types of JIT Compilers
14. Security Manager

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